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Arrest and criminal allegations in the Blaine area will be some of the most polarizing moments in your life. They will require the assistance of a dedicated and reputable lawyer like those offered by The Law Office of Paul Hensley. We at The Law Office of Paul Hensley know that the best defense is a solid offense, a tactic we apply the moment police attempt to question you. Though cooperation with police can look favorable to juries and judges, it is not always in your best interest to talk with law enforcement officers without criminal attorneys present.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in or around Blaine, you do not have to face your trial alone. The legal team at The Law Office of Paul Hensley has been working with clients for over 23 years, so we know how to handle these difficult times. Just one criminal charge can haunt you for the rest of your life, but if you trust us at The Law Office of Paul Hensley, we could be able to get you out of the situation with as little damage as possible.

When you work with The Law Office of Paul Hensley, you can sit tight knowing your defense is in capable and experienced hands. With 23 years of experience, we have learned how to represent Blaine area clients and get the most beneficial and realistic results from their criminal issue.

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Our criminal attorneys here at The Law Office of Paul Hensley in the Blaine area are waiting for the opportunity to help you exercise your rights. Trust us to increase your chance of receiving a reduced sentences or an acquittal when facing criminal charges. To reach us, give us a call at (865) 633-5595, or stop by our offices at 800 S Gay Street near the Blaine area.

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