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Facing dui defense charges can change your life. With a past dui defense charge on your record, employers throughout the Knoxville area may be hesitant about giving you an opportunity. Avoid this predicament by trusting The Law Office of Paul Hensley to help you through those tough times and give you the defense you need.

Our dui defense firm takes much pride in its 23 years of involvement with diversion and treatment programs. At The Law Office of Paul Hensley, we relish in the fact that our dui defense firm has familiarity with alternatives to convictions and jail time, such as supervision and rehabilitation programs. After a complete evaluation of your case and background, the legal team at The Law Office of Paul Hensley can discuss your eligibility for these types of programs.


The legal professionals of The Law Office of Paul Hensley are well prepared for the difficult aspects of dui defense proceedings. We will work hard to ensure a fair and unbiased ruling from your judge and jury. Fair trial is incredibly important to us, so we will work hard in studying the relevant dui defense standards of precedent from past cases in the Knoxville area and providing you the best representation possible.

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In dui defense situations, defendants of Knoxville area courts have an unfortunate disposition of bias from the start. Do not let Knoxville area prosecutors dominate your dui defense case. After 23 years of practice, we at The Law Office of Paul Hensley feel confident in our abilities to help you. Call us at (865) 633-5595 to utilize those abilities today.

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