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At The Law Office of Paul Hensley, we open our ears to your unique dui defense case. We know this is an important moment for you, and your life in Kingston will be greatly affected by the outcome.

If a negotiated plea is not an option, the dui defense representation at The Law Office of Paul Hensley will take your case to trial. Our dui defense firm is well known as masters of the courtroom, able to thoroughly prepare, investigate, and aggressively cross-examine prosecutorial witnesses within the Kingston area. Clients who choose to retain dui defense representation from The Law Office of Paul Hensley can feel confident in the defense they are being provided, and their loved ones can feel content that they are being protected within the Kingston area.

Facing dui defense charges, but having nowhere to turn? The Law Office of Paul Hensley has seen dozens of other clients in the same position and we have made it our goal to help these individuals get the best possible results from their cases. With our 23 years in the Kingston area, you can trust us to be the guiding hand you need in this stressful time.

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