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Our DUI lawyers have successfully handled countless cases for our Knox County area clients. In 23 years of experience, we at The Law Office of Paul Hensley have learned valuable skills to utilize in our daily efforts to defend clients such as you.

DUI charges can lead to dire consequences such as criminal conviction. Even without jail time, you could lose your job and employment opportunities in the Knox County area. At The Law Office of Paul Hensley, we have provided professional representation for clients throughout the Knox County area for 23 years.

Our DUI representation is known throughout the Knox County area for solving complicated problems with creative solutions and cutting edge defense tactics. With 23 years of experience, a top-notch reputation, and a long list of successful outcomes within the Knox County area, you can feel safe and secure that you will be afforded the most effective possible defense when working with the professionals of The Law Office of Paul Hensley. 

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In your DUI case, no one on your Knox County area jury will have seen your story. Their decisions will be based upon the legal representations provided by each party. After 23 years of practice, we at The Law Office of Paul Hensley feel confident in our ability to ensure that your story is properly told. Call us at (865) 633-5595 to experience that confidence today.

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