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The representatives of The Law Office of Paul Hensley hold 23 years of practice and a unique understanding of the intricate aspects of the traffic ticket process. Our traffic ticket advocates will work diligently to put this knowledge toward better representation of your Knox County area case. You will sleep soundly knowing the team at The Law Office of Paul Hensley is by your side, defending you, protecting your rights, and keeping your interests in mind throughout the process. The choice between a public defender and an excellent Knox County area defense lawyer will make a major difference in your situation.

We at The Law Office of Paul Hensley understand that being arrested or indicted can be one of the most horrible experiences you can face. We can appreciate how it impacts you, your family, your job, your finances and your future in the Knox County area. That said, you can rest assured, knowing the professionals at The Law Office of Paul Hensley will be fighting tooth and nail for your case. Our policy towards traffic ticket cases stands as empathy for clients and animosity towards opponents, so count on us to protect your case.


With 23 years of experience, our firm has extensive knowledge on the best representative practices for our Knox County area clients. At The Law Office of Paul Hensley, we know our clients need us for their traffic ticket matters, so we make ourselves as open as possible throughout the entire process.

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traffic ticket matters can cause serious disruption to your life in the Knox County area. At their most serious, at the efforts of ruthless Knox County area prosecutors, they may find you jail time. Be sure to rely on more than just the basic traffic ticket representation provided by the state. Call upon our 23 years of practice by calling us at The Law Office of Paul Hensley (865) 633-5595.

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