How Your DUI Case will be Affected by Recent Tennessee Legislation

Instead of turning a blind eye to the frequency and reality of accidents caused by underage DUI offenders, the Senate of Tennessee wanted to address the issue with Bill 1317, and imposed penalties that would incentivize minors to be sober when they conduct an automobile. Defending DUI cases are significantly different from the onset of this piece of legislation.

The penalties within the bill are as follow:
  1. Driver License Suspension of One Year
  2. A $250 Fine
  3. Public Service Work

The bill also states that “any person found to be delinquent for a violation of this section and whose driver license has been suspended or revoked, may apply to the judge hearing the case for a restricted driver license.” Tennessee lawmakers clearly wanted to subdue the frequency, and severity of drunk driving accidents caused by minors, but at the greater cost of losing funding from the federal government for their highways. The bill will most likely be taken out of the legislature, and Tennessee politicians must draft a concise regulation that will serve the desire of the people for safer streets, and the regulations already placed by the federal government.

Solutions for the Exponential Growth of Alcohol-Related Accidents in Tennessee

Lawmakers from Tennessee might want to consider implementing sobriety checkpoints past midnight, and jump starting community mobilization by involving coalitions such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving. An appendage to the federal law can be the requirement of ignition interlock devices after midnight on motor vehicles for the first year a driver retains a license.

To circumspect this issue, and dent its unassailable nature, school-based instructional programs must be frequent, and supplemented by victims of drunk driving accidents. Alcohol-related fatalities are plaguing our state, and it is the responsibility of our community to truncate this growing issue.

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