Top 5 Questions Asked After DUI Arrest in Knoxville

People charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have a few common questions they ask. Here I’ll tell you the top 5 questions asked after DUI arrests.

1. What happens at the first court date? Will I need to plead?

Your first court date after a Knoxville DUI arrest will usually be an arraignment. This court appearance will often be within about two weeks of arrest, there will be an arraignment for you in a court. The arraignment serves several purposes is essentially a demand of appearance at the Court. The person charged with the offense is summoned to answer his or her criminal charge.

Contrary to the popular belief that arraignments are against you, they are actually set up for your benefit. The first purpose arraignment serves is that the Court must be is made sure of the fact that you know what you are the charged with and person knows what the charges are. The Court also makes sure that the person knows the rights they have.

The judge will want to know how you’re representing yourself in the case. There are three ways: You can represent yourself; You can hire a lawyer or attorney; Or you can engage a public prosecutor or defender who is made available from the Court.

In case you have a Knoxville DUI lawyer already hired for you then you won’t need to appear in the Court because the lawyer can make the Court aware of the fact that he or she’s been hired to represent you. The lawyer also needs to explain to the Court that you understand the charges on you and the rights you have.

The first court appearance is not for proceeding the case. For that, you’ll be given a court date in a later time. Your DUI lawyer and the State prosecutor will both need time to prepare for the case, that’s why.

2. And what if I’m found guilty? Will I lose my driving license for DUI?

Steadily, the state of Tennessee has increased DUI offense penalties over the last couple decades. As it turns out, now there are certain base mandatory penalties that cannot be avoided in case you’re convicted.

The base penalties if a person is convicted for a DUI offense for the first time in Knoxville include up to 48 hours of jail time, a probation time of 11 months and 29 days, 1 year’s loss of your driver’s license, 12 hours of mandatory DUI school, and a total of 24 hours worth of roadside litter pickup.

If you have previous DUI offenses, these penalties will become much more severe.

In order to avoid the penalties, you’d have to get your case dismissed, reduced to a different (lesser) charge, or be found not guilty.

3. I have given blood test. Is keeping myself from being convicted possible?

Yes, you can. In fact, in the majority of DUI cases where blood tests were given, the results actually came back to be in favor of the charged. But even if you’re convicted, we’ve had great results nevertheless. We’ve got DUI cases dismissed or reduced to lesser charges as well.

How? Well, mostly there’s more involved in a general DUI case than only the BAC (blood alcohol content). For example, an officer on duty must have had “reasonable suspicion,” to ask you to give a blood test as defined by the law. The officer must also have a solid and legal cause to stop your vehicle. He or she can’t even stop you from leaving without enough legal reason.

These laws are set up to maintain a fair society. If the officer violates these regulations, then they work in your defense. These various different defenses to DUI offenses can fill entire books. Even with an elevated BAC, it’s not hard to get your offense reduced.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI then it’s critical that you talk to a well-known DUI defense lawyer. You should go over the specifics of your case so that the possible defenses can be determined.

4. How much does an efficient DUI lawyer generally charge? What will be my other expenses?

The answer to that question varies greatly based on the specifics of your case. From the extremes of $1,500 to $15,000 — I have seen Knoxville DUI lawyers charging a varying rate for a first offense DUI.

Here, we understand that affording a top DUI defense attorney isn’t something people generally plan for. That’s out of most people’s reach. But still, a law firm needs to compensate for the time and money that goes into all the investigation, questioning, collecting facts and evidences, etc. We try to strike a balance. Our service is affordable as well as profitable for us.

To ease the payment process, we now accept credit cards. Our payment plans are designed with a normal client in mind. We offer affordable down payments. In a nutshell, we aim to provide a good representation that you deserve and need.

Also note that hiring a good DUI lawyer actually helps you save money in the long term. Suppose you are convicted or your charges are not reduced because you lacked a good DUI defense lawyer. Now, the cost of many things like SR-22 high risk insurance or penalty fines and court costs can add up pretty quick. There’s also the chance of added probation fees and devices from ignition interlock to transdermal alcohol monitoring device being added.

And the biggest problem is, without any doubts, the financial jerk you’ll be getting. The lost of income over the years cannot be compensated. Further, having a DUI charge might also make you invalid for better job opportunities. The financial outcome of such a bad scenario won’t be good.

5. You’re an attorney as well. Why should I choose you for my DUI defense case? What are your qualifications?

Different DUI cases present many unique issues. In criminal defense or other civil cases, you don’t see so many unique complications. As for me, I’ve spent my entire career learning about the laws, courtroom skills, science, technique, and investigation patterns that often separate a guilty plea from keeping a DUI charge off your record.

I think these things make me quite a well-qualified attorney to handle your particular Knoxville DUI charge case. But the biggest reason is something far greater.

I think I am apt to represent you because I treat my clients well. I will be returning your calls, answering all questions you have — little or big, and work hard to get you a positive result.

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