What Will Happen to Your Insurance Premium Following Your DUI Charge in Knoxville?

Among the most dangerous cities for deaths caused by motor vehicular conductors under the influence is Knoxville, Tennessee. Although Knoxville has a high number of fatal alcohol-related vehicle accidents per capita, steep insurance increases are not common. There is a close correlation between repeated DUI offenses and low insurance rates.

How Insurance Premiums Respond to DUI Offenses in Knoxville
In many states insurance premiums increase by 75% following a DUI. However, in the state of Tennessee premiums increase by 52%. On average Knoxville drivers pay $1,020 a year for car insurance, and after a DUI offense they are expected to pay $1550 a year. These statistics are from a population by the US Census which analyzed 27-year-old single men and women, as well as 40-year-old married men and women.

Insurance companies in these states should ideally charge much higher premiums to dissuade potential drunk drivers. Business aside, it is the most ethical decision that should be pursued by insurance companies. An elaborate policy on car insurance premiums, formulated by insurance companies, would greatly discourage drivers from driving in any state other than sober.

How Insurance Companies Will Suffer from Cheap Premiums for Intoxicated Drivers in Tennessee
From a business perspective, insurance companies might lose clients who prefer less consequential policies on accidents caused by drunk driving, but those companies lose in virtue, and quality. An insurance company that suffers from an infestation of unreliable drivers under their protection can result in a steep decline of product quality. Brand name is very important, even more so than the price of insurance, and with the growing number of consumers in the insurance market, any flaw in quality will be highly conspicuous. Not only will the flaws surface rapidly, but they will result in an insurmountable reputation blemish. Creating fat wallets in this case will result in thinner business, and eventually there will be no lifeline to salvage the remnants of what once was a reputable company.

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